Angular 2 Using third party libraries like jQuery in Angular 2


When building applications using Angular 2.x there are times when it's required to use any third party libraries like jQuery, Google Analytics, Chat Integration JavaScript APIs and etc.

Configuration using angular-cli


If external library like jQuery is installed using NPM

npm install --save jquery

Add script path into your angular-cli.json

"scripts": [

Assets Folder

You can also save the library file in your assets/js directory and include the same in angular-cli.json

"scripts": [


Save your main library jquery and their dependencies like jquery-cycle-plugin into the assets directory and add both of them into angular-cli.json, make sure the order is maintained for the dependencies.

Using jQuery in Angular 2.x components

To use jquery in your Angular 2.x components, declare a global variable on the top

If using $ for jQuery

declare var $: any;

If using jQuery for jQuery

declare var jQuery: any

This will allow using $ or jQuery into your Angular 2.x component.