ansibleBecome (Privilege Escalation)


Often you need to execute commands under a different user or get root privileges. Those options allow you to become another user in the guest system.


  • become: can be set to true or yes and triggers the user escalation settings.
  • become_user: set to the desired user in the remote host.
  • become_method: specify the command used to make login and change user.
  • become_flags: change login parameters. Mostly used when you want to change to a system user without shell privileges.

Only in a task

- name: Run script as foo user
  become: true
  become_user: foo

Run all role tasks as root

- hosts: all
  become: true

- name: Start apache
  service: apache2
  state: started

Run a role as root

- hosts: all
    - { role: myrole, become: yes }
    - myrole2