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arduino Libraries


Here you will find documentation on:

-Installing libraries into the Arduino IDE

-Including libraries into a Sketch

Installing libraries with the Library Manager

To install a new library into the Arduino IDE:

  • Open Sketch Menu > Include Library > Manage Libraries.

Here you will find the Library Manager

Once you have opened the Library Manager you can use the menu in the top to filter the results.

  • Click on the library you want, select a version in the drop down menu, and click install.


Now your library is installed. In order to use it, you need to include it in your sketch.

Including libraries in your sketch.

Once you have installed a library, you need to include it in your sketch in order to use it.

  • Open the Sketch Menu > Include Library and click the Library you want to include.

Including audio library

  • Now, the IDE has generated the required inclusion tags into your code.

Included Library

Now the Library is included in your sketch, and you can use it in your code.

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