cloudfoundryCheatsheet for the Cloud Foundry command line (cf cli)


The Cloudfoundry command line interface is a wonderful thing that saves time and spares you needing to use UIs as much. Here is my cheatsheet. First you need to install it from I have ordered the examples in order of Most Useful To Me. Your order may differ.

List apps

cf apps

I usually start with this as now I get the AppName for cut-n-paste and if verifies I am where I want to be in space and cloud. And yes, I really really want to say space and time.

Restart an App

cf rs AppName

Tail the logs. E.g. Do this before starting a test.

cf logs AppName

Dump the logs E.g. After something has gone wrong and you want to look closer.

cf logs AppName --recent

Note, depending on who is hosting your CF app, the size of this log may be limited.

Login to another region, space, organisation

CF keeps you logged in. I sometimes have to switch between regions and don't always know where I am #Where am I?

cf target

#Login. This is logging in to the UK region of bluemix. Replace eu-gb with ng to go to the US.

cf login -a

#List spaces

cf spaces

#Change space

cf target -s OtherSpace

#Change organisation - for when someone adds you to their org usually. This will normally have to be followed by a target of the relevant space.

cf target -o OtherOrg

SSH to an app

cf ssh AppName

Only for Diego apps. Useful to see what is actually running.