cobolDELETE statement


The DELETE statement deletes records from mass storage. Some compilers allow the DELETE statement to be used with a FILE clause, to delete FD names (along with any associated indexing structures that may be required by the database management engine in use).

COBOL DELETE statement syntax diagram

Delete a record, key in primary key field

   identification division.
   program-id. deleting.

   environment division.
   configuration section.

   input-output section.
       select optional indexed-file
       assign to "indexed-file.dat"
       status is indexing-status
       organization is indexed
       access mode is dynamic
       record key is keyfield
       alternate record key is altkey with duplicates


   procedure division.

   move "abcdef" to keyfield

   *> Delete a record by index
   delete indexed-file record
      invalid key
          display "No delete of " keyfield end-display
      not invalid key
          display "Record " keyfield " removed" end-display

   perform check-delete-status