Dapper.NETMultiple Results


  • public static SqlMapper.GridReader QueryMultiple(this IDbConnection cnn, string sql, object param = null, IDbTransaction transaction = null, int? commandTimeout = null, CommandType? commandType = null)
  • public static SqlMapper.GridReader QueryMultiple(this IDbConnection cnn, CommandDefinition command)


cnnYour database connection, must already be open
sqlThe sql string to process, contains multiple queries
paramObject to extract parameters from
SqlMapper.GridReaderProvides interfaces for reading multiple result sets from a Dapper query

Base Multiple Results Example

To fetch multiple grids in a single query, the QueryMultiple method is used. This then allows you to retrieve each grid sequentially through successive calls against the GridReader returned.

var sql = @"select * from Customers where CustomerId = @id
            select * from Orders where CustomerId = @id
            select * from Returns where CustomerId = @id";

using (var multi = connection.QueryMultiple(sql, new {id=selectedId}))
   var customer = multi.Read<Customer>().Single();
   var orders = multi.Read<Order>().ToList();
   var returns = multi.Read<Return>().ToList();