When you install the Dart SDK, one of the tools that you get is pub. The pub tool provides commands for a variety of purposes. One command installs packages, another starts up an HTTP server for testing, another prepares your app for deployment, and another publishes your package to pub.dartlang.org. You can access the pub commands either through an IDE, such as WebStorm, or at the command line.

For an overview of these commands, see Pub Commands.

pub build

Use pub build when you’re ready to deploy your web app. When you run pub build, it generates the assets for the current package and all of its dependencies, putting them into new directory named build.

To use pub build, just run it in your package’s root directory. For example:

$ cd ~/dart/helloworld
$ pub build
Building helloworld......
Built 5 files!

pub serve

This command starts up a development server, or dev server, for your Dart web app. The dev server is an HTTP server on localhost that serves up your web app’s assets.

Start the dev server from the directory that contains your web app’s pubspec.yaml file:

$ cd ~/dart/helloworld
$ pub serve
Serving helloworld on http://localhost:8080