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Django JSONField - a PostgreSQL specific field


  • JSONField(**options)


  • Django's JSONField actually stores the data in a Postgres JSONB column, which is only available in Postgres 9.4 and later.

  • JSONField is great when you want a more flexible schema. For example if you want to change the keys without having to do any data migrations, or if not all your objects have the same structure.

  • If you're storing data with static keys, consider using multiple normal fields instead of JSONFields instead, as querying JSONField can get quite tedious sometimes.

Chaining queries

You can chain queries together. For example, if a dictionary exists inside a list, add two underscores and your dictionary query.

Don't forget to separate queries with double underscores.

Creating a JSONField

Available in Django 1.9+

from django.contrib.postgres.fields import JSONField
from django.db import models

class IceCream(models.Model):
    metadata = JSONField()

You can add the normal **options if you wish.

! Note that you must put 'django.contrib.postgres' in INSTALLED_APPS in your

Creating an object with data in a JSONField

Pass data in native Python form, for example list, dict, str, None, bool, etc.

    'date': '1/1/2016',
    'ordered by': 'Jon Skeet',
    'buyer': {
         'favorite flavor': 'vanilla',
         'known for': ['his rep on SO', 'writing a book']
    'special requests': ['hot sauce'],

See the note in the "Remarks" section about using JSONField in practice.

Querying top-level data

IceCream.objects.filter(metadata__ordered_by='Guido Van Rossum')

Querying data nested in dictionaries

Get all ice cream cones that were ordered by people liking chocolate:


See the note in the "Remarks" section about chaining queries.

Querying data present in arrays

An integer will be interpreted as an index lookup.

IceCream.objects.filter(metadata__buyer__known_for__0='creating stack overflow')

See the note in the "Remarks" section about chaining queries.

Ordering by JSONField values

Ordering directly on JSONField is not yet supported in Django. But it's possible via RawSQL using PostgreSQL functions for jsonb:

from django.db.models.expressions import RawSQL
RatebookDataEntry.objects.all().order_by(RawSQL("data->>%s", ("json_objects_key",)))

This example orders by data['json_objects_key'] inside JSONField named data:

data = JSONField()

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