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Django How to use Django with Cookiecutter?

Installing and setting up django project using Cookiecutter

Following are the Prerequisites for installing Cookiecutter:

  • pip
  • virtualenv
  • PostgreSQL

Create a virtualenv for your project and activate it:

$ mkvirtualenv <virtualenv name>
$ workon <virtualenv name>

Now install Cookiecutter using:

$ pip install cookiecutter

Change directories into the folder where you want your project to live. Now execute the following command to generate a django project:

$ cookiecutter

This command runs cookiecutter with the cookiecutter-django repo, asking us to enter project-specific details. Press “enter” without typing anything to use the default values, which are shown in [brackets] after the question.

project_name [project_name]: example_project
repo_name [example_project]: 
author_name [Your Name]: Atul Mishra
email [Your email]: [email protected]
description [A short description of the project.]: Demo Project
domain_name []:
version [0.1.0]: 0.1.0
timezone [UTC]: UTC
now [2016/03/08]: 2016/03/08
year [2016]: 2016
use_whitenoise [y]: y
use_celery [n]: n
use_mailhog [n]: n
use_sentry [n]: n
use_newrelic [n]: n
use_opbeat [n]: n
windows [n]: n
use_python2 [n]: n

More details about the project generation options can be found in the offical documentation. The project is now setup.

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