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Django Django from the command line.


While Django is primarily for web apps it has a powerful and easy to use ORM that can be used for command line apps and scripts too. There are two different approaches that can be used. The first being to create a custom management command and the second to initialize the Django environment at the start of your script.

Django from the command line.

Supposing you have setup a django project, and the settings file is in an app named main, this is how you initialize your code

import os, sys

# Setup environ
os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "main.settings")

# Setup django
import django

# rest of your imports go here

from main.models import MyModel

# normal python code that makes use of Django models go here

for obj in MyModel.objects.all():
    print obj

The above can be executed as

python main/

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