DockerHow to debug when docker build fails


When a docker build -t mytag . fails with a message such as ---> Running in d9a42e53eb5a The command '/bin/sh -c returned a non-zero code: 127 (127 means "command not found, but 1) it is not trivial for everybody 2) 127 may be replaced by 6 or anything) it may be non trivial to find the error in a long line

basic example

As the last layer created by

docker build -t mytag .


---> Running in d9a42e53eb5a

You just launch the last created image with a shell and launch the command, and you will have a more clear error message

docker run -it d9a42e53eb5a /bin/bash

(this assumes /bin/bash is available, it may be /bin/sh or anything else)

and with the prompt, you launch the last failing command, and see what is displayed