DockerRunning services

Creating a more advanced service

In the following example we will create a service with the name visualizer. We will specify a custom label and remap the internal port of the service from 8080 to 9090. In addition we will bind mount an external directory of the host into the service.

docker service create \
        --name=visualizer \
        --label \
        --publish=9090:8080 \
        --mount type=bind,source=/var/run/docker.sock,target=/var/run/docker.sock \

Creating a simple service

This simple exampe will create a hello world web service that will listen on the port 80.

docker service create \
    --publish 80:80 \

Removing a service

This simple example will remove the service with name "visualizer":

docker service rm visualizer

Scaling a service

This example will scale the service to 4 instances:

docker service scale visualizer=4

In Docker Swarm Mode we do not stop a service. We scale it down to zero:

docker service scale visualizer=0