ember.jsDate Format Helper

Helper for a clean date and hour format.

When you want the current date and time, you can do this with the Javascript function Date, but will return the following format which isn't always useful: Wed Jun 07 2017 13:26:15 GMT+0200 (Romance (zomertijd)).

Copy the following code into app/helpers/helpers.js, and simply call getCurrentDateAndFormat() instead of new Date().

export function getCurrentDateAndFormat() {
    let today = new Date();
    let dd = today.getDate();
    let MM = today.getMonth()+1; //January is 0!
    let hh = today.getHours();
    let mm = today.getMinutes();
    let yyyy = today.getFullYear();

    if (dd<10) {
        dd= '0'+dd;

    if (MM<10) {
        MM= '0'+MM;

    if (hh<10) {
        hh= '0'+hh;

    if (mm<10) {
        mm= '0'+mm;

    today = dd+'/'+MM+'/'+yyyy+" "+hh+"h"+mm;

    return today;

The helper extracts all separate time values, adds a 0 if the value is below 10 (for format and readability) and reassembles them in a more fitting format. In this case: day, month, year, hours and minutes.

today = dd+'/'+MM+'/'+yyyy+" "+hh+"h"+mm;

will display: 07/06/2017 13h26

today = MM+'/'+dd+'/'+yyyy+" "+hh+"h"+mm;

will display: 06/07/2017 13h26

Changing month and date position, depending on your region, is as easy as replacing MM with dd and vice versa, as evident from above example.