Git Subtrees


  • git subtree add -P <prefix> <commit>
  • git subtree add -P <prefix> <repository> <ref>
  • git subtree pull -P <prefix> <repository> <ref>
  • git subtree push -P <prefix> <repository> <ref>
  • git subtree merge -P <prefix> <commit>
  • git subtree split -P <prefix> [OPTIONS] [<commit>]


This is an alternative to using a submodule

Create, Pull, and Backport Subtree

Create Subtree

Add a new remote called plugin pointing to the plugin's repository:

git remote add plugin

Then Create a subtree specifying the new folder prefix plugins/demo. plugin is the remote name, and master refers to the master branch on the subtree's repository:

git subtree add --prefix=plugins/demo plugin master

Pull Subtree Updates

Pull normal commits made in plugin:

git subtree pull --prefix=plugins/demo plugin master

Backport Subtree Updates

  1. Specify commits made in superproject to be backported:

    git commit -am "new changes to be backported"
  2. Checkout new branch for merging, set to track subtree repository:

    git checkout -b backport plugin/master
  3. Cherry-pick backports:

    git cherry-pick -x --strategy=subtree master
  4. Push changes back to plugin source:

    git push plugin backport:master