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Ignoring Files and Folders

Those that are using TortioseGit UI click Right Mouse on the file (or folder) you want to ignore -> TortoiseGit -> Delete and add to ignore list, here you can choose to ignore all files of that type or this specific file -> dialog will pop out Click Ok and you should be done.

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For those that are using UI to branch click Right Mouse on repository then Tortoise Git -> Create Branch...

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New window will open -> Give branch a name -> Tick the box Switch to new branch (Chances are you want to start working with it after branching). -> Click OK and you should be done.

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Assume unchanged

If a file is changed, but you don't like to commit it, set the file as "Assume unchanged"


Revert "Assume unchanged"

Need some steps:

first step

check box


Squash commits

The easy way

This won't work if there are merge commits in your selection

The advanced way

Start the rebase dialog:

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