iOS AFNetworking

Dispatching completion block on a custom thread

Whenever AFNetworking is used the call is dispatched on a custom thread provided by AFNetworking. When the call returns to the completion block, it gets executed on the main thread.

This example sets a custom thread that dispatch to the completion block:

AFNetworking 2.xx:

// Create dispatch_queue_t with your name and DISPATCH_QUEUE_SERIAL as for the flag
dispatch_queue_t myQueue = dispatch_queue_create("com.CompanyName.AppName.methodTest",

// init AFHTTPRequestOperation of AFNetworking
operation = [[AFHTTPRequestOperation alloc] initWithRequest:request];

// Set the FMDB property to run off the main thread
[operation setCompletionQueue:myQueue];

AFNetworking 3.xx:

AFHTTPSessionManager *manager = [[AFHTTPSessionManager alloc] init];
[self setCompletionQueue:myQueue];