iOS MPMediaPickerDelegate


Please see the Apple Documentation for more information regarding privacy.

Make sure the Music app is available in your iPhone. It will not work in the simulator.

Load music with MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate and play it with AVAudioPlayer

Go through the steps:

  • Add 'NSAppleMusicUsageDescription' to your Info.plist for the privacy authority.
  • Make sure your music is available in your iPhone. It will not work in the simulator.
iOS 10.0.1
import UIKit
import AVFoundation
import MediaPlayer

class ViewController: UIViewController, MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate {
    var avMusicPlayer: AVAudioPlayer!
    var mpMediapicker: MPMediaPickerController!
    var mediaItems = [MPMediaItem]()
    let currentIndex = 0
    override func viewDidLoad() {
    func audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying(_ player: AVAudioPlayer, successfully flag: Bool){
        //What to do?

    func mediaPicker(_ mediaPicker: MPMediaPickerController, didPickMediaItems mediaItemCollection: MPMediaItemCollection) {
        mediaItems = mediaItemCollection.items
        self.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)

    func updatePlayer(){
        let item = mediaItems[currentIndex]
        // DO-TRY-CATCH try to setup AVAudioPlayer with the path, if successful, sets up the AVMusicPlayer, and song values.
        if let path: NSURL = item.assetURL as NSURL? {
                avMusicPlayer = try AVAudioPlayer(contentsOf: path as URL)
                avMusicPlayer.enableRate = true
                avMusicPlayer.rate = 1.0
                avMusicPlayer.numberOfLoops = 0
                avMusicPlayer.currentTime = 0
                avMusicPlayer = nil

    @IBAction func Play(_ sender: AnyObject) {

    @IBAction func Stop(_ sender: AnyObject) {

    @IBAction func picker(_ sender: AnyObject) {
        mpMediapicker = MPMediaPickerController.self(
        mpMediapicker.allowsPickingMultipleItems = false
        mpMediapicker.delegate = self
        self.present(mpMediapicker, animated: true, completion: nil)