iOS Simulator


iOS, watchOS and tvOS Simulators are great ways to test your apps without using an actual device. Here we will talk about working with Simulators.


Different Types of Simulators

  • iOS Simulator
  • watchOS Simulator
  • tvOS Simulator
  • Touch Bar Simulator

There is no simulator for macOS, because Xcode is run on macOS and whenever needed, it will run the apps native.

Getting Help

You could always visit Simulator help at Help -> Simulator help:

enter image description here

Launching Simulator

You should go to Xcode -> Open Developer Tool:

enter image description here

Using "Simulator", you could run iOS and tvOS, but "Simulator (Watch)" will only run watchOS.

3D / Force Touch simulation

Go to Hardware -> Touch Pressure:

enter image description here

To simulate a normal press, use Shift-Command-1 and a deep one, Shift-Command-2.

If your MacBook has a Force Touch trackpad, you could use your trackpad force to simulate 3D / Force Touch.

Change Device Model

Go to Hardware -> Device:

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Home button

You should use Shift-Command-H to have an animation when closing an app.


To lock the device, use Command-L.


Use Command with arrow keys.