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Java Language NumberFormat


Different countries have different number formats and considering this we can have different formats using Locale of java. Using locale can help in formatting

Locale locale = new Locale("en", "IN");
NumberFormat numberFormat = NumberFormat.getInstance(locale);

using above format you can perform various tasks

  1. Format Number


  1. Format Currency

    NumberFormat currencyFormat = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(locale); currencyFormat.format(10340.999);

  1. Format Percentage

    NumberFormat percentageFormat = NumberFormat.getPercentInstance(locale); percentageFormat.format(10929.999);

  2. Control Number of Digits

numberFormat.setMinimumIntegerDigits(int digits)
numberFormat.setMaximumIntegerDigits(int digits)
numberFormat.setMinimumFractionDigits(int digits)
numberFormat.setMaximumFractionDigits(int digits)

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