javafxRadio Button

Creating Radio Buttons

Radio Buttons allow you to let the user choose one element of those given. There are two ways to declare a RadioButton with a text besides it. Either by using the default constructor RadioButton() and setting the text with the setText(String) method or by using the other constructor RadioButton(String).

RadioButton radioButton1 = new RadioButton();
radioButton1.setText("Select me!");
RadioButton radioButton2= new RadioButton("Or me!");

As RadioButton is an extension of Labeled there can also be an Image specified to the RadioButton. After creating the RadioButton with one of the constructors simply add the Image with the setGraphic(ImageView) method like here:

Image image = new Image("ok.jpg");
RadioButton radioButton = new RadioButton("Agree");
radioButton.setGraphic(new ImageView(image));

Use Groups on Radio Buttons

A ToggleGroup is used to manage the RadioButtons so that just one in each group can be selected at each time.

Create a simple ToggleGroup like following:

ToggleGroup group = new ToggleGroup();

After creating a Togglegroup it can be assigned to the RadioButtons by using setToggleGroup(ToggleGroup). Use setSelected(Boolean) to pre-select one of the RadioButtons.

RadioButton radioButton1 = new RadioButton("stackoverlow is awesome! :)");

RadioButton radioButton2 = new RadioButton("stackoverflow is ok :|");

RadioButton radioButton3 = new RadioButton("stackoverflow is useless :(");

Events for Radio Buttons

Typically, when one of the RadioButtons in a ToggleGroup is selected the application performs an action. Below is an example which prints the user data of the selected RadioButton which has been set with setUserData(Object).


ToggleGroup group = new ToggleGroup();
group.selectedToggleProperty().addListener((obserableValue, old_toggle, new_toggle) -> {
    if (group.getSelectedToggle() != null) {
        System.out.println("You think that stackoverflow is " + group.getSelectedToggle().getUserData().toString());

Requesting focus for Radio Buttons

Let's say the second RadioButton out of three is pre-selected with setSelected(Boolean), the focus is still at the first RadioButton by default. To change this use the requestFocus() method.