JavaScript BOM (Browser Object Model)


For more information on the Window object, please visit MDN.

The window.stop() method is not supported in Internet Explorer.


The BOM (Browser Object Model) contains objects that represent the current browser window and components; objects that model things like history, device's screen, etc

The topmost object in BOM is the window object, which represents the current browser window or tab. enter image description here

  • Document: represents current web page.
  • History: represents pages in browser history.
  • Location: represents URL of current page.
  • Navigator: represents information about browser.
  • Screen: represents device's display information.

Window Object Methods

The most important object in the Browser Object Model is the window object. It helps in accessing information about the browser and its components. To access these features, it has various methods and properties.

window.alert()Creates dialog box with message and an OK button
window.blur()Remove focus from window
window.close()Closes a browser window
window.confirm()Creates dialog box with message, an OK button and a cancel button
window.getComputedStyle()Get CSS styles applied to an element
window.moveTo(x,y)Move a window's left and top edge to supplied coordinates new browser window with URL specified as parameter
window.print()Tells browser that user wants to print contents of current page
window.prompt()Creates dialog box for retrieving user input
window.scrollBy()Scrolls the document by the specified number of pixels
window.scrollTo()Scrolls the document to the specified coordinates
window.setInterval()Do something repeatedly at specified intervals
window.setTimeout()Do something after a specified amount of time
window.stop()Stop window from loading

Window Object Properties

The Window Object contains the following properties.

window.closedWhether the window has been closed
window.lengthNumber of <iframe> elements in window
window.nameGets or sets the name of the window
window.innerHeightHeight of window
window.innerWidthWidth of window
window.screenXX-coordinate of pointer, relative to top left corner of screen
window.screenYY-coordinate of pointer, relative to top left corner of screen
window.locationCurrent URL of window object (or local file path)
window.historyReference to history object for browser window or tab.
window.screenReference to screen object
window.pageXOffsetDistance document has been scrolled horizontally
window.pageYOffsetDistance document has been scrolled vertically