LaravelNaming Files when uploading with Laravel on Windows


file-uploadname of the file <input> field
$sampleNamecould also be dynamically generated string or the name of the file uploaded by the user
app_path()is Laravel helper to provide the absolute path to the application
getCLientOriginalExtension()Laravel wrapper to fetch the extension of the file uploaded by the user as it was on the user machine

Generating timestamped file names for files uploaded by users.

Below won't work on a Windows machine

$file = $request->file('file_upload');
$sampleName = 'UserUpload';
$destination = app_path() . '/myStorage/';
$fileName = $sampleName . '-' . date('Y-m-d-H:i:s') . '.' . 
$file->move($destination, $fileName);  

It will throw an error like "Could no move file to /path..."

Why? - This works perfectly on a Ubuntu server
The reason is that on Windows colon ':' is not allowed in a filename where as it is allowed on linux. This is such a small thing that we may not notice it upfront and keep wondering that why a code which is running well on Ubuntu (Linux) is not working?
Our first hunch would be to check the file permissions and things like that but we may not notice that colon ':' is the culprit here.
So in order to upload files on Windows, Do not use colon':' while generating timestamped filenames, instead do something like below:

$filename = $sampleName . '-' . date('Y-m-d-H_i_s') . '.' . $file->getClientOriginalExtension();  //ex output UserUpload-2016-02-18-11_25_43.xlsx

$filename = $sampleName . '-' .date('Y-m-d H i s') . '.' . $file->getClientOriginalExtension();  //ex output UserUpload-2016-02-18 11 25 43.xlsx


$filename = $sampleName . '-'.date('Y-m-d_g-i-A').'.' . $file->getClientOriginalExtension(); //ex output UserUpload-2016-02-18_11-25-AM.xlsx