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meteor Continuous Deployment to Galaxy from Codeship



  • Create a deployment_token.json:

      METEOR_SESSION_FILE=deployment_token.json meteor login
  • Create the following environment variables on Codeship: (

    • METEOR_TOKEN: Copy/Paste the contents of deployment_token.json. Something like: {"sessions": {"": {"session": "12345 ...
    • METEOR_SETTING: Copy/Paste the contents of your settings.json. Something like: {"private": {...
  • Create a new deployment pipeline here

    • We deploy only the master branch. So set: Branch is exactly: master.
  • Add a "Custom Script" as your deployment with the following content:

echo $METEOR_TOKEN > deployment_token.json
echo $METEOR_SETTINGS > deployment_settings.json
meteor npm prune --production METEOR_SESSION_FILE=deployment_token.json meteor deploy $METEOR_TARGET --settings deployment_settings.json

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