Python Language Queue Module


The Queue module implements multi-producer, multi-consumer queues. It is especially useful in threaded programming when information must be exchanged safely between multiple threads. There are three types of queues provides by queue module,Which are as following : 1. Queue 2. LifoQueue 3. PriorityQueue Exception which could be come: 1. Full (queue overflow) 2. Empty (queue underflow)

Simple example

from Queue import Queue
question_queue = Queue()

for x in range(1,10):
    temp_dict = ('key', x)

while(not question_queue.empty()):
    item = question_queue.get()


('key', 1)
('key', 2)
('key', 3)
('key', 4)
('key', 5)
('key', 6)
('key', 7)
('key', 8)
('key', 9)