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How to create gemset

To create a gemset we need to create a .rvmrc file.


 $ rvm --rvmrc --create <ruby-version>@<gemsetname>


 $ rvm --rvmrc --create [email protected]

The above line will create a .rvmrc file in the root directory of the app.

To get the list of available gemsets, use the following command:

 $ rvm list gemsets

Installing Ruby with RVM

The Ruby Version Manager is a command line tool to simply install and manage different versions of Ruby.

  • rvm istall 2.3.1 for example installs Ruby version 2.3.1 on your machine.

  • With rvm list you can see which versions are installed and which is actually set for use.

      [email protected]:~$ rvm list
      rvm rubies
      =* ruby-2.3.1 [ x86_64 ]
      # => - current
      # =* - current && default
      #  * - default
  • With rvm use 2.3.0 you can change between installed versions.

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