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sequelize.js Set Up / Installation

Install necessary modules

In order to start using Sequelize, you must first install the Sequelize package using the Node Package Manager (npm).

Install sequelize module

Add --save option to store module in package.json

npm install sequelize

Next, depending on which database system you wish to use with Sequelize, install the appropriate package. Sequelize currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server.

Install MySQL for MySQL database

npm install mysql

Install SQLite for SQLite database

npm install sqlite3

Install PostgreSQL (and hstore) for PostgreSQL database

npm install pg pg-hstore

Install MSSQL (and tedious driver) for Microsoft SQL Server

npm install tedious mssql

This information can also be found in Sequelize's Documentation.

For sqlite package in nw.js

  1. npm install sqlite3 --build-from-source --runtime=node-webkit --target_arch=ia32 --target= target is important. ex:0.16.1
  2. npm rebuild
  3. Create a folder for sqlite db.
  4. Remember sequalize.sync();

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