spring-bootDeploying Sample application using Spring-boot on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Deploying sample application using Spring-boot in Jar format on AWS

  1. Create a sample application using spring-boot from spring-boot initializer site.

  2. Import the code in your local IDE and run the goal as clean install spring-boot:run -e

  3. Go to target folder and check for the jar file.

  4. Open your Amazon account or create a new Amazon Account and select for the Elastic Beanstalk as shown in the below image.

  5. Create a new web server environment as shown in below figure.

  6. Select the Environment type as Java for JAR file deployment for Spring-boot, if you are planning to deploy as a WAR file, it should be selected as tomcat as shown in below figures. figure2

  7. Select with Default configuration's upon clicking next next ...

  8. Once you complete the default configuration's, in the overview screen the JAR file can be uploaded and deployed as shown in the figures. uploadanddeploy deploy

  9. Once the Deployment is successful (5 -10 minutes for the first time) you can hit the context url as shown in the figure below. contexturl

  10. Result is as shown below,it should work as same as with your local env.


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