Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server Management Studio Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Examples

  1. Open a new Query Window with current connection (Ctrl + N)
  2. Toggle between opened tabs (Ctrl + Tab)
  3. Show/Hide Results pane (Ctrl + R)
  4. Execute highlighted query (Ctrl + E)
  5. Make selected text uppercase or lowercase (Ctrl + Shift + U, Ctrl + Shift + L)
  6. Intellisense list member and complete word (Ctrl + Space, Tab)
  7. Go to line (Ctrl + G)
  8. close a tab in SQL Server Managament Studio (Ctrl + F4)
  1. Move to the SQL Server Management Studio menu bar (ALT)
  2. Activate the menu for a tool component (ALT+ HYPHEN)
  3. Display the context menu (SHIFT+F)
  4. Display the New File dialog box to create a file (CTRL+N)
  5. Display the Open Project dialog box to open an existing project (CTRL+SHIFT+0)
  6. Display the Add New Item dialog box to add a new file to the current project (CTRL+SHIFT+A)
  7. Display the Add Existing Item dialog box to add an existing file to the current project (CTRL+SHIFT+A)
  8. Display the Query Designer (CTRL+SHIFT+Q)
  9. Close a menu or dialog box, canceling the action (ESC)

Custom keyboard shortcuts

Go to Tools -> Options. Go to Environment -> Keyboard -> Query Shortcuts

On the right side you can see some shortcuts which are by default in SSMS. Now if you need to add a new one, just click on any column under Stored Procedure column.

enter image description here

Click OK. Now please go to a query window and select the stored procedure then press CTRL+3, it will show the stored procedure result.

enter image description here

Now if you need to select all the records from a table when you select the table and press CTRL+5(You can select any key). You can make the shortcut as follows.

enter image description here

Now go ahead and select the table name from the query window and press CTRL+4(The key we selected), it will give you the result.