WordPress How Can I integrate Markdown editor with Advance Custom Field's repeater Add-on.

Add MarkDown Editor

I found the solution. Please consider below mention steps.

Install wp Markdown Editor plugin.

Then Install "acf-wp-wysiwyg" for repeater field. Now you have to update in some files. Open this file and go to line number "180" or go to "create_field" function add

echo '<script> var simplemde = new SimpleMDE({element: document.getElementById("'.$id.'")});jQuery(".quicktags-toolbar").css("display","none");</script>';

Now under "acf-repeater" plugin open "input.js" file, line number "142"


new_field_html = this.$el.find('> table > tbody > tr.row-clone').html().replace(/(=["]*[\w-\[\]]*?)(acfcloneindex)/g, '$1' + new_id),


new_field_html = this.$el.find('> table > tbody > tr.row-clone').html().replace(/(["]*[\w-\[\]]*?)(acfcloneindex)/g, '$1' + new_id),