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A challenge that every developer and development team faces is environment consistency. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks today. DDocker, on the other hand, is a virtualization method that eliminates “works on my machine” issues when cooperating on code with other developers. The two together create a fusion of useful and powerful. Although both of them do very different things, they can both be combined to create amazing products.

Using Laradock

Laradock is a project that provides a ready to go contains tailored for Laravel use.

Download or clone Laradock in your project's root folder:

git clone

Change directory into Laradock and generate the .env file needed to run your configurations:

cd laradock
cp .env-example .env

You are now ready to run docker. The first time you run the container it will download all the need packages from the internet.

docker-compose up -d nginx mysql redis beanstalkd

Now you can open your browser and view your project on http://localhost.

For the full Laradock documentation and configuration click here.