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meteor Using Polymer with Meteor

Using differential:vulcanize

In the root of your project, make sure Bower is installed (npm install -g bower) and run bower init. This will create a bower.json file in your project's directory.

Create a new file called .bowerrc to your root directory. It should contain the following:

  "directory": "public/bower_components"

This lets Bower know that it should save components in the bower_components folder in your app's public directory.

Now add the Polymer components you wish to use with your app.

In your app's root directory bower-install each component you want to use.

bower install --save PolymerElements/paper-button#^1.0.0 PolymerElements/paper-checkbox#^1.0.0

Add Vulcanize to your project

Meteor add differential:vulcanize

Create a new file called config.vulcanize in the root of your project. It should contain the following:

    "polyfill": "/bower_components/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents.min.js",
    "useShadowDom": true, // optional, defaults to shady dom (polymer default)
    "imports": [

"imports" should list each component you will use in your app.

You can now use components you have imported in your Blaze templates just as you would any other element:

<template name="example">
        this is a material design button: <paper-button></paper-button>
        this is a material design checkbox: <paper-checkbox></paper-checkbox>

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