meteor Use Private Meteor Packages on Codeship


Note that we did not discuss how to use & develop your local packages. There are several ways, I suggest to use the PACKAGE_DIRS environment variable described by David Weldon on his website.

Install MGP

We make use of Dispatches great Meteor Github Packages (mgp) package:

npm install --save mgp

Then, add the following command to your package.json scripts:

"mgp": "mgp"

Create a file named git-packages.json in your project root. Add a config for every (private) Meteor Github package that your project depends on:

  "my:yet-another-private-package": {
    "git": "[email protected]:my/private-packages.git",
    "branch": "dev"

More information about how to configure your private packages can be found on the projects Github repo.

Configure Codeship to Install Private Github Packages

Append the following command to the Codeship setup commands:

meteor npm run mgp

Now, we need to give Codeship access to these private repositories. There is a Codeship documentation article describing this process in detail but here are the steps that you have to take for Github:

It should be similar for BitBucket and others.